Introducing Groups & Policies

Xero contacts can be added to a 'group', you can also assign multiple policies to any group. This means that contact will have the late fee's configured in those policies processed against them.

The default group means any contacts that don't appear in any other groups will be processed as if they are apart of the default group. This saves having to import every single Xero contact.

When no policies are assigned to a group, members of that group will not have late fee's added. Be aware that if that contacts situation changes, and a policy becomes linked. Then all previous invoices will be processed.

Invoice Jobs & Penalties

It is now even easier to track issued penalties, especially when they repeat.

When a policy condition is met, an invoice job is created. If multiple jobs are created at the same time, such as a fixed fee + percent, then they may be combined into a single penalty. (Meaning they will appear as two line items on the same invoice)

This also means we will send email notifications for each penalty, and not each policy to avoid duplication.

You can track the above by clicking on any invoice from your homepage, you will also be able to see what policies made up a penalty.

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