A common use case is to have a fixed fee + interest applied to an invoice. So let's quickly go over how to configure Latechaser to do this.

> Head over to the Policies tab

You can create new policies or use existing policies, depending on your plan limits.

Now we simply configure each policy for each part of the fee we would like. Make sure to set the late fee issue type and the grace period the same if you want them to both appear on the same invoice.

> Make sure that you have created two policies, as above.

> Now you can head over to the Groups tab, choose the group you want these policies assigned to. (You can reuse them in multiple groups) and assign both to the group by clicking 'assign a policy'

Thats it! Make sure your account is active (in the General tab) and that you have synced your old invoices across (if you have a newly setup account) and Latechaser will now run in the background.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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